A W A K E N   Y O U R   I N N E R   F I R E 


James is a 25 year old, male Yoga Instructor who resides in Maroubra, NSW. He traveled across the seas to Rishikesh, in India (the Birthplace of Yoga) in 2017 where after 4 years of practicing in Australia, he was able to immerse himself for 200 hrs in a Yoga Teacher Training at the Association of Yoga and Meditation India. (8 hrs per day, in; Philosophy, Pranyama (Breath Work), Asana (Physical Postures – Ashtanga and Iyengar), Meditation, Yoga Therapy and Teaching Practice.)

Having practiced Qi Gong and Kung Fu also for over 1.5 years before his travels, he decided that he would also travel to China (the source of this ancient martial art) to educate himself at a deeper level in a 1.5 month immersion at Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy. (9 hrs of Training per day, in; Running, Kung Fu Forms, Bo Staff, Sanda, Kicks Training, Power Stretching and Mediation).


After returning to Australia in October 2017, he has continued training at around 4 hrs a day whilst focusing on creating a work life balance, where he trains in Yoga, Qi Gong, Weights, Fire Dancing, Flow Arts and other exercise regimes. 

The end goal is that he can offer himself as a facilitator in holding space for the development of ones Mind, Body and Spirit in the above listed areas!


You can find James at the following places:

Maroubra Beach Front (Opposite the Flamez Eatery)

Tuesday Morning – 630-730am (Ashtanga Series 1)

Wednesday Morning – 630-730am (Slow Flow)

Pollets Martial Arts (Castle Hill)

Tuesday Nights at 530-630pm (Slow Flow)

Urban Soul Raw (Alexandria)

Friday Nights – 630-730pm (Dynamic Flow)

Bronte Fitness (Bondi Junction)

Currently main Cover teacher here with permanent shifts to be allotted soon!


0422 332 325

W H A T   I S   Q I – G O N G ?

Qi Gong means ‘Life Energy Cultivation’, and is a Chinese holistic system of body movements, breathing and physical meditation. It has been used widely for the benefits it brings to; physical health, mental clarity and and coordination. The reason for this is that it allows for the body to connect with the mind and breath, which is vital when learning any new skill.

It is linked to many extraoordinary (out of the normal) physical abilities in strength, recovery time, and there is a whole medical industry in China that is at all hospitals called Chi Healing.

‘Chi’ by definition is actually the energetic effect that oxygen has on the body when it reaches concentrations higher than 30%, and is linked with breath and movement.

The practice is very complimentary to Yoga as it is a Dynamic movement, with one breath per rotation, verse yoga, which is more static.

W H A T   I S  M E D I T A T I O N ?

Qi Gong and Yoga are actually practiced as a preperation for mediation.

There are FOUR (Main) Sitting Mediation postures (which you can learn at James Yoga Classes) and these postures are the fundamentals of being able to sit still, and to be present.

The reason why Yoga and Qi Gong help prepare for mediation is that they link the mind and body,through BREATH.

Sitting in Mediation is one of the most powerful activities that you can do for yourself, and its time to start today.  A rule of thumb is to allocate around 3-4 blocks of 45 minutes into your week, and watch the benefits to your physical and emotional health unravel!

W H A T   I S   Y O G A ?

By improving flexibility and increasing on mobility around muscles and joints, the bodies range of motion is improved dramatically. Yoga awakens the physical body, and alleviates any tension the body is carrying as a result of; poor posture, sitting down at work/driving, other day to day tasks etc.

As the range of motion improves, the bodies movement potential exponentially increases, allowing for an enhanced and freer life style. The benefits are endless, but at the very least no matter what sport you choose, Yoga is complementary to this!

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