P A N T H E R   P R A Y E R Z


PANTHER PRAYERZ ENERGY ENHANCEMENT links the healing and energetic components of; REIKI, QI GONG, YOGA AND MASSAGE in to an all rounded treatment to connect and balance your mind, body and soul… with IMMEDIATE benefits and long term results.

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  • You have a block in your human potential? e.g. you have SO many goals you want to do, so many ideas to develop but you are having a block in getting the ball rolling and creating your reality? Did you know that you can create your reality?

  • You find that you absorb energy from your environment (people or external sources) which are either enhancing or interfering with your natural flow of action and communication?

  • You are carrying baggage (physically or emotionally) from the past or present which is not sustainable for you being the most fulfilled version of yourself? (Childhood trauma, bullying, family or relationship issues which are shaping who you are and creating a box that you must reside in until you free yourself from)

  • You are lacking motivation, suffering from anxiety or depression, and traditional medication is not helping?

S C I E N C E  &  R E I K I

All things are made up of the five elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space.

Before defining how energy works or moving forward, it is important to understand firstly the following concept:

  • Matter exists in two forms: Material and Anti-Material forms
  • Material form à refers to that which we can touch and see (e.g. cars, trees, people, buildings etc), the matter which is made of particles. Matter can be destroyed (through the transition of earth, fire, air, water)
  • Anti-Material à refers to that which is taken up by SPACE, or the matter which is made of ‘anti-particles’ Anti-matter cannot be destroyed, it is permanent. (SPACE is where vibration carries sound, where bluetooth and Wi Fi Operate)

This has been proven by Two American Atomic Scientists who were a warded the 1959 Nobel Physics Prize for the discovery of the anti-proton which proved that matter exists in two forms – as particles and anti-particles. There names are Dr Emillio Segre and Dr Owen Chamberlain. They concluded that there may exist another world (anti-world) which is built of anti-matter.


  1. There is an anti-material atom or particle which is made up of the anti-qualities of material atoms

  2. There is another world besides this material world of which we have only limited experience


Reiki can be concluded to make up that of the anti-material world, which is composed of spiritual energy or Life Force Energy. It is a permanent, creative, real and enhanced form of energy than that of any source we can think of, as it exists as source itself. This is what keeps a plant alive, keeps you alive, keeps the sun shining, keeps the earth moving… (Other energies are not self-sufficient, we can liken this to that of Petroleum; the source is the earth, to refining process, to fuel station to its final use.)

Our Mind, Body and Spirit are completely integral to maximising our human potential.

SELF-MASTERY is a life long journey which starts by bringing your MIND over MATTER (matter being your physicality) and letting your SPIRIT shine through your PASSIONS,



By harnessing our totality we can benefit in many ways:

  • Becoming more present in thoughts and actions, thus making better decisions in daily life, work and relationships, THAT fulfill you on a base level but also on a heart level (making you happier)
  • Understanding how to acheive this state of flow (FLOW STATE) more frequently
  • Physical health improves
  • Stress levels decrease (high stress is linked to alot of physical health implications)


The Background of James/Tha Petrol Panther:

He begun his journey into his own mind, body and soul in 2010, firstly with the beginning of research into the benefits of holistic health practices. Slowly his:

  • physical training practices changed from more external strength practices (such as weights) into calisthenics and bodyweight training
  • became more directed to alternative music, arts and culture
  • begun Yoga in 2011 which has since become a daily practice and has completely enhanced his life
  • begun learning flow arts in mid 2013 where he was shown the light by world renowned performers Shade Flamewater and Adam Lobo, and it was around this time that he begun to really connect deeply with the Panther/Jaguar spirit which has since been guiding him
  • First begun practicing Tai Chi in late 2014 and has since pursued Qi Gong, a method of energy cultivation in the body
  • Begun teaching Flow and Fire Arts in Castle Hill in Janurary 2016 as a weekly community event called StatusFLOW. The goal of this is to create a platform for performing artists to grow and share their art creatively as one. The weekly event includes:
    • Yoga
    • Qi Gong
    • Flow and Fire Art Class
    • Meditation
    • Slacklining
    • All whilst 2-3 local musicians and DJ’s are performing, to create an atmosphere of growth
  • Finally in the early months of 2016, after receiving Reiki treatment from a close friend, and feeling the benefits both immediately, and in the long term, he made the decision to pursue and complete his Reiki healing course
  • He has now transitioned from four years of experience as a Technical Sales Consultant for the leading German tool company Festool Australia, to apply the knowledge he has been learning over the past few years to make a greater impact on the world at an individual level through healing, teaching and sharing his knowledge