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Diana, Princess of Wales: The affair of the heart that was her final obsession - Telegraph

Princess Diana was 'madly in love' with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan

Princess Diana was beloved by the public for many reasons, including her warmth, her beauty, and her passion for helping others. But she was also the subject of constant tabloid speculation, as the press tracked her every move. A never-ending subject of fascination was the men in her life. While Diana rose to fame as the wife of Princes Charles, her life came to an end seated in the back of a Mercedes beside Dodi Al-Fayed, a playboy who by some accounts Diana was ready to wed, and by others, was nothing more to the princess than a summer fling. But somewhere in between relationships with these two high-profile men, Diana fell for someone else that friends believed to be the one true love of her life: Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani heart surgeon with whom the princess had a two-year on-again, off-again romance.

The hospital staff watched with amusement as Hasnat carried the flowers through the corridors. The florist finally admitted they had been ordered from Kensington Palace. For Diana, the media formed a backdrop to her everyday life and represented something that she both resented and needed.

Her nocturnal visits to the hospital stopped temporarily after November 30,when she was intercepted outside it by a photographer from the News of the World. She told him that she visited the Royal Brompton several times a week for hours at a time.

Diana - In cinemas 20 Sept 2013 - Official Trailer

Diana, though still big business for editors, had worn out her welcome with the press. But over the years she had told a few lies and attempted to twist the story too much in her favor.

Reports of affairs with other men—one of them Carling married—had damaged the view of her as a victim. But ridicule was a small price to pay for keeping the romance with Hasnat out of the newspapers—a tactic that worked, for a while.

ThroughoutDiana nurtured the relationship. Hasnat smoked and brought takeout to Kensington Palace. He worked obsessively and often had little time for the Princess. Her late-night visits made hospital administrators worry about press intrusion.

It was becoming a security issue. Even before her marriage to Charles, she was a member of one of the most fabled aristocratic families in England. With Hasnat, she reveled in the everydayness of his existence. She really enjoyed the experience and chatted away happily to the barman. Diana replied that she would wear a wig to disguise herself.

He pointed out, somewhat frustrated, that flying commercial in disguise was impossible, since she would look nothing like her passport photo.

Diana and Hasnat discussed marriage, and Diana told two friends I spoke to that she wanted to have a daughter with him. She introduced Hasnat to her sons. Diana went as far as to ask Paul Burrell to find someone who could discreetly marry them.

Heart surgeon dating diana

She also visited South Africa, where her brother, Charles Spencer, was living at the time, and Australia, to see whether there might be suitable places for the couple to live. The notion that Diana, with two sons in school in England, would even have entertained such options shows how fundamentally unrealistic she was. Throughout it all, Hasnat was leery of the press attention Diana received. Princess Diana with her friend Jemima Khan, on a visit to young cancer patients at a hospital in Pakistan, Both Imran and Hasnat who were distant cousins were from traditional Pashtun families, and Diana sought out Jemima, who was nearly 15 years her junior, to discuss what it was like to be married to a Pakistani man.

She believed she could win the family over. She had asked Khan and the senior consultant he worked for, the prominent cardiologist Sir Magdi Yacoub, if she could witness a heart operation.

In Aprila charity Yacoub had founded arranged for an operation to be televised. Hasnat would assist at the surgery.

Diana showed up in heavy eye makeup as press coverage of the event witheringly noted and watched the proceedings in scrubs.

By that point, Diana was seen as a would-be manipulator of the media. Among the journalists who covered her, everyone seemed to think that everyone else knew about Hasnat, but no one could be entirely sure. They played games with Diana, and she with them. In Stratford-upon-Avon that summer, Diana met Nanny Appa, to whom she had been writing for several months.

The visit was filled with small misfires. Diana introduced Nanny Appa to her cook, a Bengali woman, who to the dismay of the grandmother did not speak Urdu. Diana watched as Nanny Appa inspected the tea sandwiches, carefully lifting the edges to see what was inside. She had to be assured several times that the pinkish substance was in fact smoked salmon. Nanny Appa was perhaps right to worry. So when he brought friends over, she made them bacon sandwiches, and it was a total disaster.

While there, she spoke with Barnard about Hasnat, trying to get him a job—something that infuriated Hasnat when he learned about it, months later. Richard Kay, of the Daily Mail, was one of a small number of reporters traveling with the Princess, and he called her assistant that day to ask that Diana get in touch with him to respond.

In fact, we are laughing ourselves silly over this. Visits to a Pakistani doctor did seem slightly difficult to comprehend. Hasnat also began receiving threats in the mail—for instance a cutout picture of himself with a noose around his neck. By earlyDiana had a new philanthropic focus. On January 15, she made her famous walk through an Angolan minefield and appeared to be finding new purpose.

Ten minutes into the drive they found themselves in a traffic jam. After five minutes of sitting still, it dawned on Aleema that there they were, in the middle of Lahore, without bodyguards or drivers, with the mother of the future King of England. If anything happens, this will create an international incident! The power had gone out in the house, and the group assembled in the garden in sweltering heat.

They joked about the power outage. Aleema told me that, even after she and her sister felt it was time to leave, Diana wanted to continue the visit. He never got the chance to do so. Diana died before Imran made it back to London. His work schedule prevented it. On June 21, Diana spent the day with his family in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Hasnat Khan

His grandmother Nanny Appa was visiting from Pakistan. Snell writes about how Diana brought the cousins to the local Tesco and let them ride in the shopping cart.

Dr Hasnat Khan, Princess Diana's former lover, has spoken out about the The heart surgeon, 54, has said that the film, starring Naomi Watts and advice on her romance with the heart surgeon, who she dated from Dr Hasnat Khan, a heart surgeon, was running to fat, smoked a packet of Their first date was a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to visit his aunt and. Princess Diana dated heart surgeon before Dodi Fayed fling. PRINCESS DIANA, who tragically died in late August in Paris, is known for.

Diana on her cell phone later that month aboard the Jonikal, near St. Tropez, after her relationship with Dodi Al Fayed had begun. On July 10, the night before she went to St. Tropez, Hasnat stayed with her at Kensington Palace.

Tropez with Mr. Her mobile kept going on to answerphone. Dodi obliged, and left Fisher in Paris.

When calling the hospital, Diana would leave messages for Khan using the name "Dr. Armani," according to the Guardianand when going out with Khan, Diana sometimes went so far as to disguise herself with a black wig and dark sunglasses.

So why all the secrecy? For one thing, Diana was hounded by paparazzi at every turn, and that was not a world Khan wanted to be a part of. Jemima Khan, a friend of Diana's and wife of Hasnat's distant cousin, told Vanity Fair that Diana was "madly in love" with Hasnat Khan and "wanted to marry him, even if that meant living in Pakistan. It didn't happen.

Princess Diana's former lover Hasnat Khan says new film is based on gossip

In the final summer of her life, Diana caused a stir when she was photographed aboard a yacht embracing Dodi Al-Fayed, the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, who was then the owner of the famed department store Harrods.

Messaged received. Years later, Khan would reveal that he had heard about Diana's relationship with Fayed on the radio. Richard Kay, a friend of Diana's, said in The Last Days of Diana that Khan attempted to reach her that night, but was unable to get through.

Khan revealed as much in a conversation with Kay: "He said to me, 'Maybe later in the summer, we'd have got back together again. In the special, Diana's butler Paul Burrell speculates as to what Khan would've said to Diana that fateful night: "I think Hasnat's last call would've been, 'Isn't it about time you came home to me? Because I miss you.

Synopsis. Hasnat Khan was born in Pakistan on April 1, A cardiac heart surgeon, Kahn dated Princess Diana from to In , Kate Snell. Princess Diana described Hasnat Khan (pictured left) as 'Mr Wonderful' and friends said the heart surgeon was the love of her life. Now, Khan. Hasnat Ahmad Khan, FRCS is a British-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon. He was in a romantic relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales from to " Diana's secret dinner dates with dishy doc; Candlelit four-hour meal for two". Sunday.

InKhan wed Hadia Sher Ali in an arranged marriage with a "lavish ceremony" in Pakistan, according to the Telegraph. Just 18 months later, the couple split. Now 58, he's currently listed as a consultant cardiac surgeon at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals in England. The film homes in on the final two years of Diana's life, featuring her romance with Khan.

Prior to the movie's release, Khan slammed it in an interview with the Daily Mail. She wasn't a Princess and I wasn't a doctor.

Heart surgeon Hasnat Khan has spoken of his struggle to come to terms Princess Diana photo dated 15/01/ of Diana, Princess of Wales. Princess Diana had a passionate relationship with Hasnat Khan, of her life: Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani heart surgeon with whom the princess. Though Princess Diana's August death forever linked her to a flashy man, an unassuming Pakistani heart surgeon named Hasnat Khan. . until mid- September, for them to have their first date, in the form of a visit to.

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