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When Your Child Is Combat Ready!

Published a. ET Nov. We never talked about it, but one year later, he died and I found it in a safe under his bed. Nothing else was in the safe. He took it to the grave. I felt so guilty and ashamed that I told him. I thought that I caused the stress that led to his fatal heart attack.

We were going to shoot back. And we'd have these cool war stories. On Oct. It was a slaughter. The Marines witnessed the attack and rushed to cordon off the area.

A car drove toward the Marines, and Ketchum's men were ready to fire, but something told him it wasn't part of the attack, and he had his men stand down. In fact, it was a family trying to rush a young boy with mangled legs to medical care.

The boy died before he could receive treatment. In the years to come, the military would learn to send chaplains or mental health counselors to meet with troops exposed to such horror. But not yet. By his third combat tour, Ketchum was 28 and showing signs of physical and emotional wear-and-tear — much like others of his generation subjected to multiple deployments.

Let me start by saying this is not an article from a marriage expert. No, I am the furthest thing from it. In fact, I have been divorced twice. If you're hoping to gather . Mom veteran holding daughters Not to be confused with Memorial Day, which honors those who have lost their lives in combat, Veterans Day celebrates both the living The Date of Veterans Day Is Static: November I'm a psychiatrist. Everyday I listen to my combat veterans as they struggle to return to the "normal" world after having a deeply life-changing experience.

He had left the Marine Corps in after a standard four-year term, and within a few weeks, he joined the Iowa National Guard as a combat engineer. His unit was unexpectedly called up for duty in Afghanistan in Ketchum would be back doing route clearance in eastern sectors of the country.

He had fallen hard down a steep slope while training in California's Sierra Nevada. He was carrying a heavy cement saw, and the fall re-injured his bad left knee. Pain medication became an on-again, off-again part of his life. Six months into the Afghanistan deployment, Ketchum had a seizure and collapsed in his barracks at the U.

He was evacuated back to the USA, bitter and ashamed to leave his squad. Within a month of coming home, he married a young woman who was pregnant with his child. Layla was born in October But it was a tumultuous period back from war.

He began abusing drugs for his chronic pain, his marriage was quickly disintegrating, and his wife found him one night with a gun barrel in his mouth. Ketchum was transitioning from combat soldier to civilian, and it was uncertain terrain, marked by redemptive periods of sobriety and desperate times of guilt, shame and drugs.

WHOOPS! Something broke.

The cycle repeated over and over. Ketchum also describes what inspired him to seek the treatment he needed. The military told me I had to leave," he explained to a classroom of students during a talk that was videotaped.

I have nine screws around my spine, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. He said his comfort zone "for so long was being behind a rifle or being in a big armored vehicle. Being home, walking down the street, going shopping, staying at my house — that was well outside my comfort zone," he said.

The same year of his discharge, Ketchum met Kristine Nichols through a free online dating service called Plenty of Fish. I know those things don't mean someone's a bad person.

In Septemberhe was stopped for driving under the influence, and the next month, he overdosed on heroin and Xanax in an apparent suicide attempt, according to his medical files. Ketchum entered a VA detoxification center in Minnesota and stayed there for weeks. Word arrived that a Marine buddy, Brandon Baldwin, had shot himself to death in his home outside Charleston, W. Ketchum began to fill out journals about his life choices, his father and what happened Oct.

He emerged from treatment, as before, focused and optimistic. But depression returned, along with heroin, in January Ketchum told therapists that he regained consciousness to see paramedics over him, saying he nearly died. The incident frightened him deeply.

He was admitted to a private hospital in Davenport, Iowa. This was a period of turmoil at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Sgt. Brandon Ketchum, a combat veteran, was desperately fighting the the blue -eyed veteran wore a full red beard that his 4-year-old daughter loved to . and the boy went to live with a woman his father had been dating. “While on our first date, Joey shared his experience of the Army with me, and Combat veterans typically isolate themselves from society and their families. Combat Veteran Daughter T-Shirts for Women at Spreadshirt ? Unique designs Combat Veteran Daughter Combat Veteran - My oath has no expiration date.

Officials within the VA argued that, notwithstanding delays, medical care for veterans was excellent. This seemed to bear out for Ketchum. He and Nichols were in couples counseling. Agency social workers conducted home visits to see how the couple was managing. Whenever Ketchum didn't show up for an appointment, someone called to check on him.

They shared the house with a husky named Chaos, a pit bull named Havoc and three cats. Through therapy, Ketchum explored feelings of abandonment, mistrust and a sense of being "defective" or a failure — feelings that tended to leave him "stuck" emotionally, according to his medical files.

Dating a Combat Veteran!

Ketchum avoided the drug and made plans for the future. He drew peaceful satisfaction working and crafting in wood. He and Nichols turned a shed in her backyard into a workshop. He created decorative display boxes, cutting boards and shadow boxes. His dream was to attend a woodworking trade school in St. Louis and become a craftsman, and he drew up a three-year plan.

An estimated 7. Here is an explanation of the definition and the symptoms of PTSD. He got his driver's license back and reached out to Army buddies for a dress uniform to wear to an upcoming child-custody court hearing. During a group therapy session in March, he and other veterans repeated the serenity prayer out loud:.

Something happened later that month. There was an episode with his family back in Wisconsin.

Dating a combat veterans daughter

Ketchum wanted to come visit his stepfather, who had undergone open-heart surgery, but was told visitors were not a good idea. He may have been only nineteen when he first had to make a life and death decision for someone else. What kind of skills does a nineteen-year-old have to deal with that kind of responsibility? To this day, the thought of that boy can wake me from a sound sleep and leave me staring at the ceiling. He may believe that he's the only one who feels this way ; eventually he may realize that at least other combat vets understand.

On some level, he doesn't want you to understand, because that would mean you had shared his most horrible experience, and he wants someone to remain innocent. He doesn't understand that you have a mama bear inside of you, that probably any of us could kill in defense of someone if we needed to. Imagine your reaction if someone pointed a weapon at your child. Would it change your reaction if a child pointed a weapon at your child?

When you don't understand, he needs you to give him the benefit of the doubt. Truly, the last thing he wants is for you to become a casualty of his war. For the latest military news, videos, tips on military family benefits and more, sign up for a free Military.

Regina Bahten has been practicing medicine for the past 24 years; the first twelve were as a primary care doctor. She then cross-trained as a psychiatrist. She has been honored with the friendships of many veterans over those years, whose influence led to her decision to accept a commission in the National Guard at the age of For the past three years she has worked as an outpatient psychiatrist with the Veterans' Administration in Las Vegas, primarily with veterans of the current conflicts.

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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. You May Also Like. National Guard to Offer Vet Center Help During Drill Weekends Guardsmen could soon have access to on-site mental health help at their monthly drill weekends as part of a partnership betwe My Profile News Home Page.

Post-traumatic stress is real. Traumatic brain injuries are real.

Insomnia, low testosterone, depression, hyper-vigiliance, all of those things are real. One thing that most partners of veterans won't talk about, is that fact that their significant other can't sleep in the bed with them.

We are talking about people who have spent over a decade sleeping alone on a cot. Nick sleeps like he's in a freakin coffin, he likes hard surfaces, his woobie, and he doesn't like to be touched. So as a partner of a combat veteran, how do you help your partner while also addressing the needs and desires you have as a human being? This is for BOTH of you.

If you're in a relationship with someone who has been in a high-stress envoirment for over a decade, it is time for them to receive the care they need. I am talking about sleep, healthy eating, working out regularly, and dealing with low testosterone.

My life is a constant cycle of scheduling, meal-prep, and holistic therapies. Our household is set up for success and it took us a while to get there. Cleaning out the pantry of junk, making the gym a priority and forcing ourselves to go to bed early has become our new norm. The biggest support you can offer someone in recovery is lifestyle change. If you want to be in a healthy relationship with someone, you both have to be healthy and whole yourselves.

If you are extremely sensitive, being with a combat veteran is probably not a good idea for you. When you're with a dude that spent the last decade hanging with other dudes, there's a very good chance - he's gonna treat you like a dude.

It's always good to express your feelings, wants, desires and needs, but it's important to know that the way your partner operates and communicates is not as much a reflection of the way he feels about you, but more maybe a reflection of the way he feels about himself. Practice letting things go.

I am not encouraging you to enable emotional abuse. But I am reminding you to be understanding. Speak with a counselor if you are looking for a third party to listen and hear you out. Nick has best described his time in the military as a moving train. Constantly going forward full speed in a clear direction.

You can collect baggage and passengers a long the way but the train keeps moving. He said that getting out of the military is like pulling the lever on a train suddenly.

No one is prepared for it, no one is braced for it, a fast moving train full speed ahead coming to a screeching hault in an instant; a complete life change.

Transition for anyone is a challenging time: graduating college, getting married, having your first child, getting divorced, a career change The military isn't just a job; it's an institution, a way of life, a community, who you are.

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