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Bt i want some one Special in my life. I feel happiness with him. Other Links arrow border. Safety and Privacy border. About QuackQuack.

I feel so bad for that poor guy and I hope he recovers from this disaster.

Enormous V shaped craft over military base, Reno Nevada Dec 29th (Disclose Screen)

I was about to end up like this but she cheated much early in the marriage and we divorced and she thought she ll get alimony and k but non of that happened and I have recovered from that depression and now I super careful in selecting any women as a life partner They can cook, clean, keep house, balance a checkbook and stick to schedules.

How many single women are sloppy and can't cook because they never had to take care of someone.

They DIDN'T stay with a deadbeat in order to save face and took on the single mother stigma head-on to sacrifice for their children.

They already know how to out others before themselves.

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