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papii_jj is dating his sister and is obsessed with periods. . Lipstick Alley

Man Asks Girlfriend's Sister With Down Syndrome to Be His BFF During Proposal

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I don't know wtf that Ig account is. Jan 22, 4. Jan 22, 5. Jan 22, 6. I'm just looking at his insta like This shit looks like something out of the twilight zone. I'm really confused by all of it. I'm convinced the government is putting some serious chemicals into these kids food and water supply. Maybe even in their mother's placentas during pregnancy I hope his sister-girlfriend has the full mental capacity to fully understand what she's entered into.

Thanks x 5.

papii_jj is dating his sister and is obsessed with periods.

Jan 22, 7. Thanks x 1. Jan 22, 8.

Jan 22, 9. Jan 22, This is so uncomfortable and weird to watch. I need to cleanse my laptop of this fuckery.

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. So I discovered this guy from prettyuglylittleliar, and apparently he is dating his disabled sister (sorry, idk how to embed instagram on here). When their parents die, sisters are more likely than their brothers to end ambitious in their careers, date, and communicate with their families.

If this is what has in store for us, I think we need to scrap this year and go straight to It's already fugged up and we're only a few weeks into it. Being obsessed with periods is weird, but everyone has their kink so I'm not gonna touch on that.

If your parents say they have left everything to your sister and you 50/50 that would likely include the house, yes. Your entire letter, so we're. Growing up, what was your relationship with your sister like? super amazing about proactively volunteering themselves to be with Finot so we can go on a date or just get a break. Do you guys have any questions for her?. As the relationship progresses, you mention that your sister is disabled. . I know your girlfriend will meet the man who will be the rock she will need and loving.

I know he's pretending to date his sister for giggles and attention, but why hasn't someone in his family intervened and told him to cut the shenanigans. He's sick. This is absolutely disgusting.

He thinks he's cute, but he's a sick person.

3 Women on Caring for Disabled Siblings

I hope somebody report him. I was on an Insta page yesterday that was exposing them as actually being related!

There were multiple photos of him and his family from when he was younger and she was in many of them. Or, she might be assaulted. The history of psychiatric facilities in this country, in any country, is really, really scary.

If my parents pass away, my sister will be my responsibility. Her year-old brother, Sam, has a chromosomal disorder that affects his brain function. He lives with their parents in Chicago. If my parents were to pass away, like drop dead right now for example, I would be the one calling the shots. I think my parents have tried very hard to have me live my own life at this stage in my life, [but] I just know when my parents go or are not able to make decisions around his care, which could very well happen in the next ten years, it will just become a part of my life.

He is functioning enough where he can read and write.

I think my parents have recognized that him living at home is not stable. My dad is 71, and my mom is 65, so that puts even more of a strain on the situation.

My dad just retired, but Sam requires round-the-clock support — in the middle of the night, early [in the morning].

Daughter Surprises Mum with Wedding Dance with Disabled Sister

And that has been a heck of an experience. I hope that he will be at a home where he is able to have structure and be supported in the way that he needs. There is no Plan B. My older sister, Finot, was born with brain damage that resulted in intellectual and developmental disabilities. In fact, we came to the United States in search of educational opportunities for her, and my parents chose D. A year after we arrived, a revolution happened back in Ethiopia that led to many deaths, including of many friends of my parents.

Daniel Sloss is already a comedy veteran at 25 years old. He did his first stand- up gig at 16, then went on to sell out shows in his Scotland. Say you find your soulmate they have a sibling or parent with a . yes - provided the man had a good relationship with his parent and Good heavens, I wouldn't not date someone just because their dad had a disability!. Hey guys. I love my girlfriend Dating someone with a disabled sibling takes patience and a lot of empathy. I know in my Even though the sibling is older, she will forever be "My baby sister" to your GF. Try to think about.

Sometimes I wonder if we had not left, what might have happened to my dad or to us. Maybe Finot saved us…. Finot is a very positive, social and loving person.

Guy dating his disabled sister

She loooooves watching action movies, riding her bike, going to the beach and generally hanging out with people. She is really good at word finds and puzzles. Growing up, I was the youngest of three. We have an older brother who is eight years older than me and he was having his own adolescent life while Finot and I were navigating living in an all white, upper middle class neighborhood neither of which we were being black and not wealthy.

We would ride bikes and play with the other kids and I made sure she got included in games and protected her from teasing. I naturally took on the responsibility to care for her and I really did not give it much thought. I began to distance myself from her as I gained more autonomy and could go out on my own or with friends. I was never mean to her I hope but I spent less time with her and eventually went to college and moved out.

I saw Finot and my mom every year when they would visit the U. And I tried to visit Ethiopia every few years. This meant I would spend intense amounts of time with them — usually weeks at a time. We also all three lived together for a year in D.

Our mother passed away unexpectedly last November and after staying with me for a couple of months, Finot went to live with my dad and his wife in North Carolina for two months. That did not work out and Finot has been living with me and my husband, Frederic, since March. Your sister has been living with you now for six months. What has this transition been like? Sometimes we have hired a sitter for an evening or a day if we are both working or one of us is away.

As it is, I often teach at night and my teaching schedule is all over the place, literally. I also do long silent retreats every year as part of my own ongoing practice; I was scheduled to do a month long silent retreat this October and now will probably need to cancel that.

Have you ever tried or considered a different solution, something other than her living with you full-time? The last time I saw my mom, last summer, we had a long talk about Finot and once again I talked to her about things we had been discussing for decades. She has been treated more as a child needing care and educating. My mom never really had her do very much in terms of adult responsibilities.

Since she has been with us she has been vacuuming, doing the dishes, and riding a bike again after 35 years. Soon all three of us will begin volunteering at a community upstate for adults like her and we hope that she will eventually live there full—time with visits home to us regularly.

When we first told her about this idea, she was very upset about it but I asked her to trust me which she agreed to do. We went to visit this place together and after her tour, she was super excited about the possibility of having a job, friends like her and living in a beautiful place where everything is structured to that she has the safety to move about on her own and engage with whomever she wants. She has never had that level of autonomy in her life and I want her to have that freedom.

Caring for Finot is helping me rethink any ideas I had about my life looking or being a certain way.

Do you guys have any questions for her?

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