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The Insecurity of Girls With Only Guy Friends — Tom Talks

Girlfriend Has Only Guy friends @hodgetwins

Sign up or log in to share. Just let her have her freedom, you need to build trust with her and stop being so paranoid. Being overly paranoid equates to major insecurity on your part, which will become apparent to her if you keep harping on it. Doesn't matter how much of a tough guy "MMA fighter" persona you put on to these guys, you'll come off as the douche bag, to her. I have a decent amount of guy friends and one guy I was dating who had a major problem with it, didn't stay my boyfriend for long, not because I cheated on him or anything, but because he was always paranoid. I don't want to be told who I can or can';t be friends with, but did try and compromise and held back to make him feel more comfortable. You need to have an in depth talk with her, if she ignores your feelings and doesn't take you seriously, perhaps you should break up with her.

There are a LOT of really great girls out there that don't need to be surrounded by a lot of guys. It's an attention thing, she gets gratification out of it. Cut this one loose.

This isn't a game, but she sees it that way. You are better than that. Yes, you should be worried. To be more specific: You should be worried if she has close guy friends or a "best guy friend".

It happens all to often. Guys and girls are for the most part not meant to be that close as friends It's not a matter of trust like a lot of the women are saying below You fight Her parents are fighting and you're sleeping She drinks too much one night and her guy friend takes her home She very well might not have any intent now, but people aren't able to plan for the unexpected because it's just that. They can only avoid the situations that will put them there.

Dude, I'm a hopeless nerd, and my husband doesn't have a nerdy bone in his body. Not even a nerdy cell. Zero nerdy molecules. I have a lot of nerdy male friends.

I'm [M22] she's [F22] We started dating a week ago and I've met a few of her friends. Just keep in mind that a girl who can make guy friends easily really has no. So I'm so close to dating this girl but problem is she has a ton of guy friends. I feel like they are going to try and start **** and us guys know that. Your guy friends are just that—friends—and dating them sounds just as appealing as Girls with a lot of guy friends have to be prepared to fight jealousy as the.

Like, a lot of them. More than half my friends. Are dudes. They just kinda think of me as their sister. If there is a problem here, it's probably in your head. In your head. I'm not okay with guy friends.

I know there might be SOME very few guys that won't but most would. Well, fine. But, not any more than her male co-workers, or her son's friends, or her male X's or Y's or Z's.

I went out with a girl who was gorgeous, she dressed how us men like women I never had a lot of guy friends, but I had them here and there. If a guy likes me more than just a friend, I'll tell him flat out I'm in a very happy relationship, have zero I suppose if you just don't date easy and gullible people.

So, really, this is neither here nor there. Doesn't reflect well on your respect for her. Why aren't you equally concerned about the above people? Especially male co-workers, with whom she might spend as much as hours a week in close proximity with no one else around? Seems EITHER 1, you don't trust your woman not to reciprocate, OR 2, you irrationally fear an assault on the friends' part, more than other men's part.

If it's 1, then, I'm sorry, but you just don't have a real relationship. Fake relationship. Without trust, what do you have? You have a hollow shell of nothingbullshit. If it's 2, then this implies a pretty sharp disrespect for her ability to choose her own company.

I'm sure you have thoughts when you meet girls who are always surrounded by male So you conclude she just has a lot of guy friends. I have a decent amount of guy friends and one guy I was dating who had a major problem . My girl tells me that all the time, that makes me feel like I'm the man. But, as a man dating one of these guy's girls, it can be tough to handle guy friends — you probably have a couple of female friends as well.

She's an adult, she can probably pick dudes who aren't going to rape her and tie her to a tree. Look, jealousy is a thing, and it can lead to hot sex, but check it. Check it. Nope Male cooworkers typically are are thing with OTHER peorple around guy male friends and typically the guys who she will whine about our problems and they WILL get in her head if they like her evntually "ohh he's not good for you blah blah blah" theworld knows this and guy friends should be kept at arms lenght out of respect for you man so yeah.

Sorry bout that ADHD i s a bitch. Ultimately comes down to trust. I've got lots of close friends who are dudes. We don't hang out alone often, because, well, I'm a married woman with 3 kids and I don't have much time.

But, we sometimes hang out alone. It's exactly like having an adoptive brother. If you just can't trust your woman in this situation, that suggests that your relationship needs work. It makes some things harder, and others easier. You just gotta play to your strengths.

Clear communication is surprisingly important, in this world of ours. This world of texting and e-mailing and instant messaging. Like, duh. You should have both eyes open. But, without sufficient trust, a relationship isn't really a relationship. It's a sham. No I really don't. Which is completely understandable. If my boyfriend has a lot of girl friends and hung out with them all the time I would also be super concerned.

My opinion? She's hanging out with them cause it's less drama. I have more male friends than female friends. Way way less drama.

Technically guy friend ARE dramma because lets face it no guy wants to be friendw with girls they want to have sex with girls. I'ts just how it is you have no idea how many guys I know say "and she actually thinks I'm her friend" as he procceed to tell me as story on how he's trying hard to sabotage her relationship. My trust issues are not with females are with men.

In my experience I've only had 1 guy friend who was a genuine friend and never wanted in my pants. I hate when girls are act like all the dude friends are innocent, wake up. Straight up those are the type of girls that say "oh he's like a brother to me", then when you break up or get into a fight the first guy she's under is him.

3 Cautions for the Girl With Lots of Guy Friends

Actually there is more truth in that first line that you could ever imagine bro. ALL men hate guy friends even if they dont say it I bet they are uncomfortable with the idea but stay quiet.

Because it's true.

Tell her that you know cause you're a guy. You could even tell her to pretend to lead on one of her friends and see how obvious it becomes that they wanna get in her pants. Nope don't be worried! If she wanted to be with one of her guy friends she would b! But, she's with you! I can garuntee that to my male friends at school think that I am one of the guys, they do not think of me in that way.

As for my older gentlemen friends they are all around 20 that may be different but that is because I am a flirt but if I am in a relationship, I cut the flirting act with guys who are not my boyfriend and I make it clear that I am in a committed relationship. Haha no, I am not their type at all, they all like Asians, in fact a lot of them like my best friend she is Korean. Again, older friends, that may be different but they know when to back the fuck off.

Your girlfriend is dating you and it may very well be possible some of those guys are trying to get with her so she should establish some boundaries with her guy friends. She's that girl whose Facebook pictures alway has her surrounded by four other guys.

The Insecurity of Girls With Only Guy Friends

It'll be a different group of guys each year - but it's always the same girl. She says doesn't like any of them and claims none of them like her. So you conclude she just has a lot of guy friends. It's actually easier to spot these girls in a church context.


Just go to a retreat and watch closely. She's that girl who hangs out with the dudes during free time; or she'll ask a guy to teach her how to do something like shoot a basketball; or she'll disappear late at night with another guy into the woods but they just "talked" - Christian version of a one-night stand.

You know these girls - and so do I. But we tend to just dismiss them as shady or warn others to stay away. But before going there, I'd want to understand the issue a little bit better. Many of these girls have that one close female friend they spend time with. But for the most part, they tend to make friends only with the male species. Ask them why and you'll get a response like this: "I just struggle relating with other girls" or "I'm just more comfortable talking to guys - less drama.

Why do some girls feel this way? Or it could be that they enjoy the way men treat her.

Girl im dating has a lot of guy friends

After all, men will often do things for a girl that other girls wouldn't e. Girls who have only guy friends tend to be interested in what guys talk about, can hold their liquor, enjoy watching sports and are generally into "guy stuff.

Note: Girls who play sports don't necessarily fall into this category. After all, a lot of athletic girls tend to have a lot of girl friends due to team camaraderie and fellowship.

In fact, that's why she's able to get so many guys to befriend her. As the previous two points have indicated, friendships with the opposite sex have limitations. While these can last through mutual relationships and even marriages, they will not look the same. As your guy friends grow up and get married, you will make an effort to know their wives.

You will need to create space and distance with your guy friend out of respect for his relationship, and he must do the same for you. Job changes, moves to new cities and distance cause many to drift apart. Having a lot of guy friends is a blessing.

I love that my husband can know the guys I grew up with—young men who are now married and starting families of their own!

Id rather have all guy-friends than all girl-friends and a headache every day. Boy Best . I learned a lot by my upbringing and rebellion years and I wanted to ensure my . Even when I was ready to start dating again, I was looking for someone. He's given me no reason not to trust him, but I'm still hung up on this. I was raised with the conventional view that girls and guys can't be friends . Frankly, I never date guys that have a lot of female friends because I know. I will never date another girl who has more guy friends than girl friends anymore. I'm sure you've heard or seen the television show "My Boys," where a best " guy" friend's shoulder (because she doesn't have a girlfriend's.

Like me, you can have quality, long-term friendships with the guys in your life—but take the above cautions to heart. Jealousy, insecurity and possessiveness destroy good relationships, but honesty and genuine, brotherly love go a long way in preserving friendships for the long haul. Log in to leave a comment. We here at Project Inspired want to guide and inspire teen girls to be true to themselves and to God. We want to show young girls how to be people of value and confidence — how to be your own best selves — through leading a Christian life.

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