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First Date Chapter 1, a zootopia fanfic . FanFiction

Zootopia Comic- Violet

For now I'll label it a one shot with potential to be a full blown story. As my first go at writing for the characters I'm not sure how well their characters are portrayed by me, but I did my best! All rights belong to Disney. I just have ideas for the characters that beg to be told. His left ear twitched, his mouth slightly agape, showcasing his canines slightly as he stared at her in shock. He couldn't believe what she was telling him.

Chief Bogo said, "Hopps, Wilde. My office, now. Is something wrong? Judy wasn't happy, either. Nick had his smug look on, "That went well. Told you so. Judy sighed and told Ben, "Chief said you had details of Gazelle's party. You guys are so lucky! Clawhauser mustered every part of his body to keep from geeking out. Judy waved him off as they headed outside to their squad car.

We can mix business with pleasure…" he twitched his brow. No, I know it's all girl talk when you're with her. You don't need me there for that. I mean I was pretty lucky when I met you when I did. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3.

After a terrible day at work Judy Hopps opted to go for a blind date. is an alternate-universe timeline where Nick and Judy haven't met before. Judy Hopps' violet eyes were transfixed on the business card, clutched a little too tightly in her paw, when Nick's smooth voice seeped into her. Join Nick and Judy as they experience life together and maybe even his Girlfriend Judy Hopps who he had been dating for a year and a half.

Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6.

Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. It was only on a lark that she was looking at the site, if her career in the city wasn't going anywhere good, and her family was going to do nothing to help, then maybe she could try her hand at romance. Meeting somebody might make staying in the city more bearable, and she was determined not to go home, that would essentially be admitting defeat and she was anything but a quitter.

After mulling it over she finally made a profile, entering in her name, birth-date, species, gender and her sexuality but she left the occupation blank.

If she entered it in then there was a good chance the buck she met would be just as unsupportive of her job as her parents, and right now she could use a good date or two before dropping what it was that she did and possibly ruining things for the both of them. At the very least they might be more open to the idea after they got to know her. She also left the profile picture blank, after all this was a site that offered blind dates and she was in the mood for a little surprise, and then tried the site's matchmaker service.

To her surprise it matched her with somebody almost immediately, somebody who was listed as being online, and soon they were talking and planning for the date.

It seemed that this mystery mammal had nothing else to do that night and she could use the outing. For the date she'd picked out a dress that was quite nice and fit her well, though she'd never bought it. Bunny families out in the countryside sometimes numbered in the hundreds, as was the case with hers, and this was a hand-me-down from one of her sisters after she'd found her own mate.

It had come with the interest of helping Judy also find somebody special, and after Judy had let slip during a call to her family that she had no interest in dating until she was established at the ZPD, and as such didn't even buy any clothes for the occasion. She was certainly established there now, though not in the way that she'd wanted. So with the date planned she'd grabbed a purse, also donated by the same sister and for the same reason, and headed out to the restaurant they'd agreed to meet at, a fine dining establishment called 'Memories'.

She was brought out of her musings as the fox across from her cleared his throat. Now that they'd both been waiting a while she was a little impressed with his tenacity.

Zootopia judy and nick dating fanfiction

They stood on either sides of the entrance of the diner, though that was more her decision than his. They'd arrived at almost the same time but she intentionally moved away as he walked up. Judy hadn't had the best history with foxes, as the scars on her cheek could attest to, and she'd rather it didn't get any worse. After half an hour of waiting Judy checked her phone again, specifically Seeker this time to see if she had a message from her date.

All she knew about her supposed date was their name, Nicholas Wilde, and like her his profile picture was blank, as was his occupation. Judy had thought it was odd that the picture, name and job were the only things that the site was willing to show her, but maybe that was a part of the charm of going on a blind date.

By now it was obvious that this was a farce.

Ah! Judy thought, I'll use this weekend to get an idea for how they feel about Nick and maybe about us dating! She smiled at the idea, but then. When she signs up for an online dating site her dates will help Judy and Nick confess their hidden feelings for each other. WILDEHOPPS. Judy is going out on her first date with somebunny. "Sooo, let me make sure I understand you correctly here," Nick said, his voice chock-full of.

He'd told her that he knew a guy and that they'd be able to get into the diner, and though she was willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, it was becoming more and more unlikely that he was just running late. She wondered how often he did this to others, and what number she was in what had to be a decently sized list of victims.

Maybe he was watching her now, but if he was she was going to make sure he was disappointed. After her day at work and her call to her family, being stood up by somebody she didn't even know was nothing by comparison. She'd also made sure to mentally prepare herself after all it was a country motto that bad things came in threes, her job, her parents, and her date all going south seemed to fit that rather nicely.

She would wait maybe a few more minutes and then leave for home, probably send whoever this was a nasty message, block them, and then try again with somebody else. What she would not do is let her disappointment show in any way, shape or form.

Spinning around she saw the fox she'd been looking at had crossed the entrance and had snuck up behind her without her noticing somehow. The grin on the fox's face told her that he'd been expecting her to jump, and for a second she grew mad, before remembering that he'd been her at least as long as she had. Maybe he'd just done that to alleviate boredom.

The flattery was unfounded she knew, across species looks were just a curiosity, calling something attractive might as well have the same meaning and impact as calling a plant attractive.

It might be appealing to look at, but it wasn't pretty in the sense the words would be used to describe mammals of the same species, or at least that's what she'd assumed. At least this conversation was helping to kill time until she decided to finally go home, even if she was keeping her distance from the fox.

Judy did nothing to prevent the smile coming to her face, after her day she could use a good laugh. She shook her feet to encourage blood flow as she prepared to leave, only to be stopped by the fox at the door, calling out to her: "If you want, I'll get you in. She paused and gave it thought. While she'd rather keep her distance from vulpines, this might be her only chance to enter into the diner and see an establishment that was proudly displayed on a few brochures that illustrated the high points of the city.

The two proudly entered, the moose at a greeting desk inside the door nodded at the fox and motioned to the entrance of the diner proper with a wave of his hand and a nod, the fox smiling as he simply walked in and suddenly Judy was greeted with a very pretty sight. Just like on the brochures the inside of the diner didn't have much seating compared to other places, but what it little it had it more than made up for in appearance. A veritable garden cut through the center of the room while a miniature waterfall flowed from one wall, into a stream through the garden and ending in a miniature pond at the far side.

A little bridge though little being comparative in this case considering it was wider than an elephant went over both the stream and garden, allowing access from one side to the other.

The fox quickly seated them both on the far side of the room, a nice little table that was still in view of the servers despite the larger tables around it. Judy marveled at the comfort the appropriately sized chair gave before an ocelot server appeared to her side.

The ocelot left then and Judy assumed she'd be bringing back some menus when she returned. His snicker wasn't what she expected and she frowned when it happened.

A little emboldened by his attention, she smiled and continued: "I decided to become a police officer. Now that seemed to pique his interest. The fox sat leaned in once she finished, before his smug smile came back.

Judy sighed and shook her head. The fox sighed before leaning back in his chair. I'm a fox, you're a bunny, and nothing we do will ever change that. Her angry frown was replaced by a confused one, but the smug vulpine wasn't finished: "The trick is that you can't let stuff like this get to you. All you need to have a happy life in this city is to accept what you are and let everything else be water under the bridge. Judy frowned as she remembered the 'settling' talk she'd had with her parents a long while ago, but that frown was soon replaced with a smug smile of her own.

It seemed he hadn't expected that. There were some mammals that could be more well protective of their families than others, Koala's being a particularly infamous example, and to an extent rabbits were like that.

Nick Judy Zootopia Fanfiction Spider Nick Trailler

If they only had a handful of kits most rabbits would be helicopter parents, though when families numbered as high as hers they weren't likely to watch all of their kits to make sure their date had shown up.

Had they been like that and had they come with her to the front of the diner, they'd have waited with her for her date, and it was rather obvious that there was nobody else with her.

Judy thought about it, and decided give a noncommittal answer. He was right in that it wasn't easy and she did feel lonely very easily, and how she managed to combat that was a secret she'd prefer to keep.

While on the case, Judy and Nick are trying to start dating but if their career is constantly getting in the way, will they even have one?. It has been 5 months since Judy and Nick have become partners. Now it's time for the two of them to take a vacation together. Judy is going. Judy and Nick disembarked From the Zootopia train. Both of Judy's parents were waiting excitedly to see her daughter, and meet her fox.

In her time here the rabbit sightings had been few and far between, a far cry from her hometown. Suddenly her attention was drawn to a bottle being set down on the table, Vanessa having returned with the wine and two glasses. How do you even manage to feed that many? The taste was exemplary, the taste of the alcohol almost non-existent compared to the other flavours and she was soon downing the entire thing.

It wasn't long before he refilled both glasses with the liquor. If somebody is significantly older than you then they're an aunt or an uncle, only your direct parents are your mom and dad, but once you become a senior you're automatically a grandma or grandpa.

The fox seemed to be spellbound as she explained, and he let out a nervous chuckle when she finished. Judy turned to see the Ocelot returning with two plates, one of which had something that was large and brown coloured with some greens on the side, while the second plate came with what seemed to be some sort of cooked salad.

Meat wasn't something she'd ever seen served in Bunnyburrow, or even in Zootopia for that matter. Despite the joke Judy remained staring at the fox and his plate, the other mammal looking at dish as if he were a mammal dying of thirst and the food was a glass of water. If she ever became a real cop she'd no doubt see much worse, so she couldn't let this bother her and the fox seemed to take this as permission to dig into his meal.

To her credit, while her stomach turned at the sight of the fox cutting up and eating the brown meat, she did manage to prevent herself from wincing, regardless of the show he made while he ate. He looked up at her, and then suddenly his look became one of worry.

Before she could dig in a thought occurred to her. He shrugged before answering. Her disgust of the meat now completely forgotten, Judy had no issue digging into her own food. It would be an hour before they left the diner. She tightened her hold on the steering wheel as she rambled on, "And it's not because he doesn't seem like a perfectly nice bunny with a good job and a lovely coat of dark gray fur.

He leaned back against the seat once more. You're telling me you've never even once envisioned yourself being wooed by some handsome prince charming who worships the ground you walk on, eventually marrying him in some lavish ceremony and riding off towards the sunset together? Approaching a stop sign, Judy eased up on the gas pedal and pressed on the brake, bringing the car to a halt.

The sound of the running engine filled the silence as she looked at Nick, who looked back at her with that confident, half-lidded gaze of his. In that moment, a strange feeling hit her. It was heavy, bordering on gloomy. If anything, it only deepened when he gave her a nod. She turned her eyes back to the road and proceeded down the street, still struggling to pinpoint the source of this feeling. With her eyes cast towards the city skyline, she said, as if to herself, "In that case, I think I will.

Having torn through her entire closet in her new, much larger apartment, Judy came to the conclusion that her wardrobe was in desperate need of an upgrade as well.

She ultimately settled on her favorite pink blouse and a pair of black slacks.

The outfit wasn't particularly dressy, but it was comfortable, so that was good, at least. She didn't have time to dwell on it any longer, as her date would be arriving in less than fifteen minutes.

Now, staring at her reflection in her bathroom mirror, Judy brought her attention to her ears. Should she leave them up, or down? There were too many little decisions to make, and she was overthinking every single one. It didn't help that Nick had made himself comfortable in her armchair a half hour prior, all lackadaisical and relaxed as he perused the latest issue of Mammals magazine.

His ears only perked up when he heard the door open, and Judy stepped out, her shoulders back and her chin up. Nick's eyes looked her up and down in a quick sweep, and the corners of his mouth ticked up as he released a soft chuckle and dropped his gaze back to the magazine. Judy's jaw dropped for a second, and another second later, she stomped up to him, paws on her waist.

Nick raised the magazine higher, flipping to the next page. She folded her arms. Nick, calm as ever, met her heated gaze.

She narrowed her eyes, while he rolled his. He closed the magazine and tossed it on the chair as he got up. First off, don't be nervous. The guy clearly already likes you, so if anyone's going to be nervous, it'll be him, trying to impress you by making witty remarks in an embarrassing attempt to show you how funny and charismatic he is. Her initial skepticism deflating, Judy relaxed her stance and willed herself to listen to Nick's advice.

After all, he was right. She was new at this. Putting her own life on the line to protect the city against crime, she could do that with her eyes closed, but dating?

She was terrified. Any advice was more than welcome, and Nick seemed to have it in spades. However, you want to take a keen interest and really get to know the guy, find out what you two have in common, ask him questions, like where'd you grow up, what do you like to do for fun, how many kids do you want, you know, light stuff.

It's not uncommon for a date to end with a bit of… physical affection, as it were, in the form of a hug or, I don't know, perhaps a… kiss. Judy drew in a sharp breath, her eyes widening. A kiss? Was she even ready for that?

She'd just met the guy!

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