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Sex and the Single Guy at Historically Black Colleges : NPR


Kevin Cox, a junior at Morehouse College in Atlanta, talks to Farai Chideya about sex, love and the ever-charged relationship between black men and black women on today's black college campuses. We just had a talk about what life is like, sex and all, for gay and lesbian students at historically black colleges and universities, but what about the straight life and straight sex? Every college has its unwritten rules for love, sex, everything in between. Welcome, Kevin. Well, you know that your mom and dad are going to be listening to everything you say, so I have to responsible.

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It was a Morehouse man who dumped me. Oh no, no more Morehouse men living in the Morehouse mystique. For a good two years after graduation, I did not date, period I gathered my humiliation, distrust and hate of what I went through and built upon my knowledge. It was the reason I fabricated in my own mind as to why I only applied to one graduate school in my hometown and the school choose not to accept me after heavily networking with them. It was the reason I decided to seek professional mental health providers to assist me in my condition.

Because if I did not, I would be dead by my own hand.

Here to give us the inside scoop on dating at HBCUs is Kevin Cox. The only thing that separates Spelman from Morehouse is a parking lot. A Spelman woman is like no other. We love our Men of Morehouse, have the confidence of Beyonce and are proud to be a Spelmanite. Yes, girls who prefer to date other girls. And yes this also applies to Spelman and Morehouse who are thought by many to have “everlasting.

I refrained from attending any Spelman function outside my city. I refrained from interacting with anyone who was not a part of immediate local sphere of friends. I could not speak to them, I was too ashamed. Not even my linesisters of my Sorority knew what happened to me, that is how tight lipped I had to become. I was too scared to tell them. While I was pledging, one linesister totally cursed me out for being weak and I had to apologize for my weakness because really, I did not even begin to understand group dynamics.

I was such an oddball overall that square pegs in round holes while bashing heads of bipolar disorder is just not worth the explanation. In fact, I think my ability to rapid cycle due to bipolar helped me going back and forth to my hometown.

Needless to say, while the education was commensurate, the professors at Spelman and Morehouse could care less of a psychiatric problem of their students, EXCEPT for 3: my 1st semester biology professor; Dr. Jann Primus who died from cancer and Dr. Han from Morehouse for Organic Chemistry. Without out them, I would have not completed Spelman nor moved forward into anybody's graduate program.

After I graduated, I meandered. Upgraded by dating scene to high places. Lost weight, and learned some new life's lessons for a different blog. I completed my PhD program, relocated to Dallas, Texas. Under Title IX, a school must inform students who report an assault of their right to request a criminal investigation alongside disciplinary intervention, and cannot prevent them from doing so.

But Melanie said officers from both of the colleges told her to add a separate, final statement at the end of her incident reports. I refuse to prosecute at this time. It also helps the College to avoid corporate scandals and to avoid harm to business operations from preventable legal matters.

Coleman did not respond to requests for comment. Like many campus sexual assault survivors, she was upset that the school had made her feel as if she were to blame.

They never met in person, and only spoke once by phone.

His report was delivered in an email from Coleman 10 days later, on Feb. His main dispute was over whether he technically penetrated Melanie during the encounter, as she maintains he had.

He did not respond to requests for comment. Under the Jeanne Clery Act, colleges are required to keep a log of all reported campus crimes. Recently, the University of Southern California came under fire for allegedly failing to comply with the act by misclassifying sexual assaults.

Melanie came to Spelman from a small, predominantly white town expecting to join a community where black women would be not only supported, but also in control.

Ferguson did not respond to requests for comment. There is a long-held tension between Spelman and Morehouse — and nationwide — over how to address acts of sexual violence against black women by black men.

Ina Spelman student reported being gang-raped by four Morehouse students, which spawned tough talk at Morehouse about the unacceptability of abusing women.

Ten years later, intwo Spelman students reported that they had been individually raped by Morehouse students. In two highly publicized cases in springthree Morehouse basketball players were accused of gang-raping one Spelman student, while a football player allegedly raped another.

Yes, I’m a Spelman Woman, but do I have to wear a white dress every damn day?

People within the AUC and beyond quickly took to Twitter to air their opinionswith many rushing to defend the men. If there's the threat of rape, if there's the innuendo that rape could occur, that's too much. Given the U. They're the moving targets.

At Spelman, students must balance the ostensible empowerment that comes from being on a campus full of young black women with the expectation that they nevertheless align themselves with the interests of their brothers next door.

Bill Cosby and former Spelman College President Beverly Tatum inthe year he was keynote speaker for the college's commencement.

We met at church and began dating while Shaun was in his senior year Throughout our time at Morehouse and Spelman, we became good. The Spelman-Morehouse connection was close. We got a Morehouse brother in Freshman year. Spelman-Morehouse students often dated. Like most Spelman students who are assaulted by a peer from Morehouse, Melanie was raped on the latter's campus, so her own college had.

One of the most painful examples of the ways in which Spelman struggles to navigate the bonds of brother- and sisterhood played out in public over the past year, as the college was forced to go through the process of cutting ties with Bill Cosby in the wake of the dozens of sexual assault allegations against him. It funded a prestigious humanities professorship and a brand-new academic center. Though Spelman suspended the professorship in Decembertwo months after comedian Hannibal Buress reiterated long-standing allegations against Cosby, the school did not terminate it until last July, after a deposition in which Cosby admitted to giving women quaaludes surfaced in the New York Times.

Current students say this tension is also clear in incidents beyond sexual assault. At the time, Morehouse had refused some students entry to classes and events. What are we going to do to stop this? She has persisted, however, to continue to tweet about sexual violence at SpelHouse.

Spelman and morehouse dating

But everyone is victimizing the black woman, and where is that narrative? It's nothing we can just sweep under the rug. Victoria Hall, a year-old who graduated from Spelman in Decemberhas also gone through the frustrating process of reporting a sexual assault at SpelHouse.

Two years before Melanie reported being raped, in MayVictoria reported her own assault at the hands of a friend from Morehouse who had invited her to his dorm for a study break.

At the time, Morehouse had yet to begin referring Title IX cases to Coleman or using independent investigators, so reports of sexual assaults were addressed directly through hearings with the College Judiciary Committee, a board that comprises a combination of nine students, faculty members, and staff members.

They were ignoring Spelman.

Yesterday, April 11th, was Spelman College’s Founder’s Day. And I, for one, am thankful that the founders saw fit to create this institution of higher learning that has honestly done almost as much for me as my own alma mater, Morehouse College. I did not go to Morehouse College. Spelman College grad Lori Robinson was stunned when she returned to from her alma mater accused four Morehouse men of sexually assaulting her. “Any opportunity there is to talk about sexual violence and dating. Though they were dating other people, Curtis and Daria remained connected University Center (AUC) to celebrate their 5-year Spelman/Morehouse Reunion.
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