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Apollo's Bet Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic . FanFiction

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Watching people follow their feelings is better then watching tv or etc. Percy was in his cabin as Annabeth came in. They were both 19 now and were still dating. But Percy could feel something horrible was going to happen today. Percy was afraid to ask but he did anyways.

Artemis looked around the hall, and saw only a few campers sitting at their cabin tables, before resting her eyes on the Poseidon table, where Perseus was sitting all by himself. Artemis got her own food and sat with the huntresses at her table and joined in on the conversation. Then, you three are going to the archery range to show up the Apollo kids, who will get angry at you and storm back to their cabin, where they will see the damage.

When a New Prophecy centered around Artemis and Percy gets them . of dating, especially Aphrodite, which made Artemis gag in her mouth. Perseus Jackson is the only one left. All of his friends are dead and he has nobody to rely on anymore. A certain silver-eyed goddess has lost all of her hunters. Artemis loses a bet with Apollo, and is forced to have a date with someone of her choice. And what if that someone coincidentally happens to.

Assuming the worst, they will blame the Hermes kids, as they will think that the huntresses couldn't have done it while they had been beating them so badly in archery.

In the meantime,-". She looked over to the big bonfire and saw Perseus walking away from it. Had the young hero just offered his food to her? Why would he do such a thing? No man had ever offered to her, let alone without good reason. Throughout the day, Artemis barely saw the young man, and as such didn't get a chance to ask him why he had done what he had at breakfast.

Then at lunch, he offered to her again, and also at dinner. She was going stir crazy, trying to figure out why he would do such a thing, and at dinner after he did so, he turned to her and smiled before leaving the hall. Later, she saw him leaving the dance party that was occurring in the main hall and around the campfire, not heading towards his cabin, but to the beach.

Artemis steeled herself and decided to follow him.

She followed him down the stairs onto the sand, and saw him sit down and look up at the full moon. She went over to him and put a hand on his shoulder, which startled him. Percy decided to eat slowly, as he knew that the hunt would probably stop by here first, and he just felt like it.

He didn't know why, but he wanted to hang out for a bit, so that he could see them, well no, that wasn't it. To see Her. He shook his head once more. He didn't know why he was thinking any of these thoughts, but he knew that he could get smote with Zeus's lightning bolt at any moment, or worse, get turned into a jackalope. After a couple of minutes, his thoughts proved true, at least the first part, as the huntresses showed up at the dining hall, each of them rushing to the line and getting breakfast before settling down at their table.

He made note of each of them, there was Thalia with her spiky black hair and chain bracelets and green day shirt on. He wasn't sure if that was proper hunt attire, but didn't question it, as he really didn't want to get into an argument and end up getting shocked.

That would get him on the bad side of some huntresses, even though many of them grudgingly respected him, he knew that they would start to think of him in the same light as most of mankind, and he didn't want them to think of him like that, especially not Artemis. After finishing most of his food, he went over to the bonfire and offered some to his father first, before hesitating and offering the rest to Artemis.

He wasn't quite sure why he did it, but he just felt the urge to. And then he walked away, knowing that the huntresses were probably planning their super mega pranks on camp. Throughout the day, Percy was having a blast.

First of all, the Athena kids had gotten a ton of spiders put in their cabin. Then, the Apollo kids got their cabin spray painted, and after going after the clueless Hermes kids, the Hermes cabin got together and started a huge food fight during lunch, which probably ruined many couples' dates, while making some peoples' dates even better. Percy once more felt the urge to offer to Artemis, and he did so, and realized that said Goddess was watching him with a peculiar look on her face, as if she was trying imagine why someone would jump on a porcupine or something.

He left once more and decided to help with the decorations for the dance party that was being set up for later that night. The Aphrodite cabin had enlisted everyone's help in the preparations, but Percy showed up with only a few other kids, including his best friend Nico. After starting to help decorate the main hall and around the campfire, he struck up some conversation with Nico.

Nico blushed and shook his head rapidly, replying, "u-um no. No one at all!

Why would you think something like that hehe…" to Percy, it seemed like he said that rather quickly, too quickly. At this, Nico tripped over some streamers that he was working with, and started sputtering, "Wha-huh? I d-don't kn-now what y-you're t-talking about! Although I suppose that if you realized it, then half the world must know by now too. Dinner rolled by and Percy once more offered food to Artemis, and laughed to himself as he saw her whip her head around only for her eyes to settle on him, and he smiled at her and waved before leaving.

The dance party wasn't a total bore, and was kind of fun, but he didn't have a date to the dance, as he had resolved that he wouldn't date unless he was sure that he was in love with said person and when he was sure that they loved him back.

Percy and artemis dating fanfiction

At one point during the party, a slow dance song came on and he decided to leave, and went down to the beach. After sitting down on the soft sand, he looked up at the beautiful full moon. Turning around, he saw the person who he had just complimented in his head and blushed a little. He couldn't show that to the maiden of the hunt of all people. He smiled at the beautiful Auburn haired Goddess of the hunt before looking back at the moon and asking her, "Beautiful night tonight, isn't there?

Ignoring his question, she countered with her own, "Why did you offer each of your meals to me? Nobody outside of my hunt has ever done that before in all of the years that we have existed. You must have had some reason for doing it? Personal gain? For the giggles? I don't know why, it just felt right to do at the times. She looked up and noticed the clear skies that showed all of the cosmos for the two people to witness, by themselves, on the beach.

If she hadn't been the maiden Goddess, she would have thought, 'how romantic', but she was, so she didn't think that. Instead, she replied, "Yes, it is a very beautiful night tonight. Although, might I ask as to why you are not enjoying yourself with the others? Surely someone like you would have a girlfriend to spend time with on a night like this.

He shook his head and said, "Nah, I don't have anyone special in my life at the moment. I'm waiting for that one special girl, that one that I know for a fact that I'm in love with and I know that she loves me as much as I do her. I don't like the idea of having trouble in a relationship or causing my loved ones heartbreak, I couldn't bear to be the cause of any hurt that I cause my friends. It's just not right. And we're done, Seaweed Brain! Thunder boomed outside, and with that, she stormed out of my cabin.

It was enough to break me. Annabeth broke up with me?

Percy Jackson - "Feels Like Home" [Comic dub]

The person I loved more than my life, more than anything, my only link to this mortal world, left me? I collapsed on the floor, and for the first time in my life, a tear escaped my eyes. I felt devastated. I got up from the cold floor, feeling like hitting something. Anger had replaced the feeling of hurt now. With one cry of sheer frustration, I punched the wall, as hard as I could. The whole cabin shook, and I cursed my invulnerability. Right then, I decided there was nothing here for me.

The camp was better off without me, everyone was better off without me, Annabeth was better off without me. I quickly flung my backpack over my shoulder, it still being packed as I had arrived just a few hours ago, and left my cabin, Annabeth's words still playing over and over in my mind. Whatever, I thought bitterly. This is what I got for falling in love. This is what I got for trusting people.

I hate you for toying with my life! It was worthless. All the gods murmured in agreement, even the ones that hated me, surprisingly. The gods never agreed on anything! I knew what was coming. I walked towards the beach, the rain pouring heavily, though it wasn't supposed to. Not caring about what others would think, I made my way to my father's palace.

After ruining Percy's date the gods decide to make it up to him by his knife, Artemis was looking at him with an encouraging smile (Gods, was. nothing really special. Artemis begins to admit being pulled towards Percy. They were both 19 now and were still dating. But Percy could feel. Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy/Romance - Percy J., Artemis . "I'm gone a few months and you've already started dating someone else?".

The rest is a blur. I practiced sword fighting, wrestling, summoning huge waves, whirlpools, cyclones and loads of other stuff. I trained and trained and trained, partly to become a better warrior, partly to channel my anger somewhere and get over what happened. I pretty much succeeded too.

Now I was not haunted by nightmares involving Annabeth. She just crossed my mind from time to time, and that too, didn't hurt as much as it used to. I tried to stay in contact with Thalia, Nico, Grover and a few others. Every time they would ask me about my sudden disappearance, I would tell them that I needed training, not mentioning Annabeth.

And then came the war. The third war against Titans, lead by Oceanus. But this time, I was ready. And they didn't have Kronos on their side.

The memories of the war are nothing but a blur. It was bloody, no denial in that. Almost the same as the previous one. My father and other gods fought Typhon, who had grown more powerful, while I fought Oceanus and other sea Titans.

And I defeated them all, surprisingly, courtesy of my recent rigorous training. After that, I headed for the land.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Romance - Percy J., Artemis "Oh no me and Artemis just started dating we haven't kissed yet she says. After Athena cleans Olympus, she finds a very important Anicent Rule: "Any Immortal or Mortal likewise that defeats Kronos will become the rightful owner of the. Percy replied with "No, and if anybody wants to date me, I will see if I like them He gave a hearty laugh "Artemis, I know you just want to watch.

Our forces were weak, many warriors had been lost in the previous war. The monsters seemed infinite, but we defeated them on the land too.

I still can't believe it, but I single-handedly defeated the likes of Hyperion and Atlas. I guess my powers and abilities had developed over time. The last threat that remained was Typhon, the gods not being able to defeat him this time.

I joined them in their struggle. Apollo, Zeus and Dionysus had already been knocked out, and it came as a shock to me. But that ugly thing was NOT going to ruin my city.

No way was I letting him do that! I summoned all the power I could, and fought, not caring what the consequences would be. Desperation gave me strength, and I felt an aura surrounding me, which I later came to know was 'The Spirit of the Sea'. I grew in size, everyone gaping at me in awe as I fought.

I felt ecstatic, like I could do anything. And with my new-found power, I kicked that monster back to Tartarus with the help of others. That pretty much summed up the war. The surviving monsters retreated, and those who were unfortunate and stupid enough to stay were turned to dust in no time. Soon, I found myself in the throne room of the gods in Olympus, facing Lord Zeus.

I felt different reactions to this from the back: some gasps, must be the new campers; some cheers, some of my friends and Tyson's brethren; and some complaints, no doubt from the Ares campers. I won't say it was unexpected, but I was still mildly surprised by this.

I couldn't decide what to do, so after a few moments of awkward silence, I turned to look back. There, between other familiar faces, was the beautiful face of Annabeth Chase. But this time, there was no Annabeth to tie me to the mortal world. She wasn't looking at me. She is completely happy with that son of HermesI thought.

Yes Lieutenant Grace? Thalia seemed startled. You are always hanging out with him talking about him. I was shocked. Okay Artemis just bluff your way out. Thalia Grace how dare you even suggest that I most—". I was cut off as Percy entered the tent. He ducked his head out of the tent and we could hear him call.

Hey Phoebe" and walk away to talk to the Hunter daughter of Ares. See Artemis ever since Percy and you started hanging out, you are always stuttering, blushing, and you have changed form from thirteen to sixteen Percy's age. I swore to be a maiden goddess! But I love him so much I want to kill that Athena scum Annabeth for breaking his heart. I wish I knew if he loved me. But what am I to do go to Aphrodite then Zeus to ask for permission not to be a Maiden anymore? Thalia asked cutting off my rant.

With that the Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon walked out of the tent. She walked over to Percy. I smiled, "usually I would tell him not to call me Arty but I was sort of starting to like the nickname.

I took a deep breath and in a rush I said. Aphrodite looked at me weirdly so I said it again slowly. Aphrodite closed her eyes for a second then whispered," Yes he loves you greatly almost overwhelmingly as you do he. Me Artemis.

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