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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Relationship Timeline From Game of Thrones to Wedding

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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie officially tied the knot in June last year, sending fans into a tizzy. There will be no one else. Admittedly, their on-screen relationship was pretty much doomed from the start. But in real life, their connection seems to have only grown stronger over time. The pair was first rumored to be dating in when TMZ released photos of them holding hands at a restaurant.

While promoting the third season of "Game of Thrones," Harington told Simone Boyce of Winter is Coming that his on-screen chemistry with Leslie was mostly due to their real friendship. She is eager to keep this relationship out of the spotlight. In an interview with The StandardHarington spoke publicly about the rumors for the first time. She's wonderful.

But no, no love affair. But Harington also cryptically admitted that he's very private :. I wouldn't ever reveal that, because it takes you down a certain road… I have no desire to be courting the press with my love life. It's not my job, it's not who I am — and I actually think it's more fun for everyone to speculate.

The minute I start telling people things are true or not true, then it's just boring. They're not moving in together or anything like that yet. Here's the section of the interview written told from reporter Tom Lamont's point of view:.

Harington tells me: "I'll never talk about any particular relationship I've been in. But I will say I'm single at the moment.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie dating Jon Snow Ygritte HBO Getty 3x4 Our favorite "Game of Thrones" couple are set to marry in real life. Little did you know (of course you knew) Rose Leslie (Ygritte) and Kit Harington ( Jon) have been dating in real life for a while now. And, while their reps have not.

I'm about to move on when he continues: "Relationships as an actor are incredibly difficult. With someone who's not an actor, because they never get to see you; and with someone who is an actor, because you're ships in the night a lot of the time. I mean, ideally, if you keep acting in the film world, you're a traveling salesman.

And your options are: sacrifice a lot of your career to make sure it's not unfair on the other person, or find someone who is willing to be your travelling circus. That's where I stand, and I'm trying to address it at the moment. Celebrity news site Lainey Gossip reported this tidbit : "According to the person who took the photo who, evidently, was practically piggy-backing Jon Snow on the escalatorthey were also holding hands.

You know, we like to spread the love on our show. It's a beautiful thing.

She's one of my best friends, so it's good. The Olivier Awards was the first event at which Harington and Rose were clearly attending as boyfriend and girlfriend.

When asked by Vogue Italia what his favorite memory of filming "Game of Thrones" was, Harington recalled the time spent in Iceland for season three. Since both actors had been busy with their own projects, Leslie said FaceTime was the key to communicating via long distance. This was one of the first times she spoke about their relationship with reporters. In an interview with Esquire, Harington confirmed their real-life love and plans for living together.

When he declined to elaborate on their love story, Harington told Esquire it was because "it's as much her relationship as it is mine and I can't speak for both of us.

But yeah, we are very, very happy.

In a interview, Harington said the two fell in love in real life while filming Spoiler alert: Ygritte was eventually killed on Game of Thrones, and Leslie but they were eventually photographed together, and made their red carpet .. to their wedding, and used stamps featuring Harington as Jon Snow. Everything You Need to Know About the Real-Life Love Story of Kit The Jonathan Ross Show, referring to the filming location of Jon Snow's scenes beyond the Wall. “Ygritte is the only woman for Jon,” Harington (facetiously) told Us The pair was first rumored to be dating in when TMZ released. We're talking about jon snow now in. Long after four years of kit harington. Scoring the standard, plot peace in real. Jon snow becomes a couple jon snow.

So that's what I'll say about that. After gossip sites begin reporting that Harington had proposed to Leslie, a spokesperson denied the reportsaying "they are not engaged. But no, no love affair. In that same interview, Harington said, "I'll never talk about any particular relationship I've been in.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie/The best moments together life photos Game of Thrones

But I will say I'm single at the moment. Unlike their fictional characters, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie both come from some pretty prestigious backgrounds. Okay, Jon Snow probably does too, but we're not there yet. Kit was born Christopher Catesby Harington, and didn't find out that his name was Christopher and not Kit until he was 11 years old.

Guess who else is? Rose Leslie. Also, another of Harington's ancestors invented the first flushing toilet for Queen Elizabeth I. She got some help from her wardrobe team, though.

They were both happy with the results. Talk about a love story. Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love. He also told talk show host Jonathan Ross, "Have you been to Iceland before?

It's a fantastic place. I fell in love in Iceland. Harington was ready to spill it. Ross named Rose Leslie, and mentioned that she'd already been a guest on his show. Those are Seth Meyers' hands holding up a photo of a surprise that Harington staged for Leslie in their refrigerator.

The backstory, she said, was that there was "this whole big thing with the Brita filter" and she opened the fridge to see "this terrifying head staring back at me. He also pointed out that she saved the Brita filter. He continued: "She pretty much told me if I did it ever again, that that would be it, and I think that's marriage included. So maybe Rose Leslie doesn't enjoy an April Fool's prank, but no one can claim that she doesn't have a sense of humor.

Leslie and Harington were set to attend a friend's 30th birthday party together, and it a costume party with the theme of "bad taste. They headed to a costume shop together, and the woman working there didn't quite recognize him.

Leslie loved the idea. Given the party's theme, it sounds like the perfect choice, but the other party guests didn't get the joke.

You've come to a party dressed as your character. Just to make things a little bit worse, Harington thinks that the woman at the costume shop eventually figured out that he was more than just a Jon Snow lookalike.

He was telling a lovely story about how he was living with his best friend and writing partner, Dan West, and they had a Gwyneth Paltrow-style "conscious uncoupling" and each moved in with their girlfriends. He described what it was like when Rose Leslie moved in with him, and told a cute story about how he told her to make the place hers, and her first decision was to move the kitchen to another floor. It was then that Kidman got involved.

Jon Snow & Ygritte Just Got Engaged In Real Life & We Can’t Take The Love

He got nervous, and "Oh, wow" was all he could muster up as a response. She wasn't done. You're not one for pre-marital She played Gwen Dawson, a housemaid who dreamed of leaving "the service" and becoming a secretary. She shared a room with lady's maid Anna, and got close with one of the daughters of the house, Sybil, who encouraged her to pursue her dream and eventually helped her get her first secretarial job.

It celebrates the class system, and its kind of overall message seems to be, 'Wasn't it good when everybody knew their place within society? He continued: "Why should we hark back to those times? While Nicole Kidman may think that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie aren't traditional enough, they do have their sweet old-fashioned moments as a couple.

Jon snow and ygritte dating in real life

It makes one wonder if all of the magazines were asking Harington the same question. Fair's fair.

We suppose they could have sent ravens, but instead, Rose Leslie and Kit Harington used snail mail to send out their wedding invitations, and chose the perfect postage: Jon Snow stamps.

The invitations went out to about people. Her family lived there for over yearsand these days it is often rented out for weddings and big events. Leslie has described the castle as cold and very drafty, but it's a acre estate and appears to be a great setting for a grand wedding.

There is absolutely no chance of me convincing [Rose] of that. Clear the battlefield.

Although the pair saw a tragic end in the series, they've been dating in real life for five years now. Kit met Rose, they dated, they broke up, they started dating again on the sly, they tried rounds of talk shows and magazines, we get to find out little tidbits about their life together. "It was only then I learnt my actual name. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie as Jon Snow and Ygritte in the cave in Game of. A complete timeline of 'Game of Thrones' stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's real-life love story. HBO's "Game of Thrones" may not be known for its happy endings, but so far costars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are living the sweetest fairy-tale worthy love story.
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