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MAPEH 8 GOLD GROUP 2-Courtship,Dating and Marriage

Learning Teacher Ma. Reina Gail T. Content Standards The learner. Performance The learner… Standards makes informed and values-based decisions in preparation for responsible parenthood C. References 1. Textbook Pages 4. Additional Materials from Learning Resource portal B.

Presentation Description courtship, dating, marriage. Pre- Assessment: Pre- Assessment 1. Associated with: Selfish uncontrollable desire. A deeper understanding or care. Associated with: Decision to devote yourself to another person for better or worse. Willingness to make sacrifices for another. Working at settling differences. Able to compromise so that either both win or at least give the other person's opinion a chance.

Feels like: A deep affection, contentment, confidence. Partners communicate and negotiate appropriate expectations. Requires a lot of selflessness and polite assertiveness. Infatuation Love PowerPoint Presentation: Interdependency: Cannot be sustained without some portion of love and physical attraction, always desire to be close to that person at any cost.

Time Period: Takes off fast and furious like a spark in dry grass burns out quickly and can leave feelings of emptiness. Interdependency: Partnership Time Period: Long term offering of companionship and support Infatuation Love PowerPoint Presentation: Attraction is admiration for someone that may include the desire to get to know that person better. It usually takes place in the form of infatuation or crush. Crushes usually last for only a short time, few weeks or maybe a few months.

These feelings are completely normal and are part of becoming a young adult. PowerPoint Presentation: Most people begin to form romantic relationships based on love. In a healthy relationship, the other person shares and responds with the same kind of love. Learning to develop, nurture and even deal with the loss of these relationships are important ways to prepare for adult relationships. During courtship a couple gets to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement or such agreement.

A courtship may be an informal and private matter between two people or may be a public affair or a formal arrangement with family approval. PowerPoint Presentation: different traditional practices of courtship in the Philippines Tausugs Palabassarakahan tupulor magpasumbahiBagobos sends a knife or a spear Muslims Pre-arranged marriages and betrothals PowerPoint Presentation: Courtship Practices at the Age of Technology A suitor can court a woman through the use of cellphones.

Frequent texting and calling one another develop their feeling of belongingness until such feeling develops into a deeper relationship resulting to love.

PowerPoint Presentation: Why is it important for couples to undergo a courtship?

Courting gives time to understand one another. It allows couples to decide whether they want to be committed. It allows couples to know if they are ready to be committed. It develops security. It develops understanding and acceptance. PowerPoint Presentation: Showing Affection Whether or not you are dating, there are many healthy ways for persons to show affection which may lead to courtship between persons, especially of the opposite sex who are physically and emotionally attracted with one another.

It is an important part of being close friends to build trust and confidence with one another. PowerPoint Presentation: Activity 3 - Identify the pictures of showing affection and give other examples.

MAPEH 8 GOLD GROUP 2-Courtship,Dating and Marriage

What does it mean to go on a date? What are the activities usually done during dates? How does it differ from a regular outing? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Dating can also be enjoyed as part of an already active relationship. The word dating actually comes from the arranging of a time and date of meeting. It is a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by two people, as partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse.

It refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity, together, as a couple. PowerPoint Presentation: c. Group date — where any number of couples can enjoy a date Types of Dating: a. Standard date — involves two people b. Double date — two couples go on a date at the same time and place PowerPoint Presentation: It forms affection and respect. It strengthens the relationship. It gives quality time to each other. It allows you to get to know the person you are in a relationship with, while having a good time.

Helps to reveal any potential problems you may have if pursuing a more serious relationship with a person, and it sets the foundation for marriage.

Lesson I- Courtship, Dating, and Marriage; 2. . Economic Readiness 3. Commitment 7. Character 4. Love 8. God-fearing; RECIPE. Lesson 1 – Courtship, Dating, and Marriage Activity 4: Ask the learners to turn on page 8 and identify the pictures of showing affection. Here is list of possible. Daily Lesson Plan in Grade 8- 2nd Quarter. Competencies/ 1. defines basic terms (dating, courtship, marriage) . Lesson Plan in MAPEH GRADE 8.

Importance of Dating PowerPoint Presentation: Going steady is a period wherein the relationship between two people remains strong and well. PowerPoint Presentation: Engagemen t — a period of agreement entered between two people in love for them to be able to know each other and their families well enough to be sure that they are ready and are suited for life-long companionship.

It provides opportunity to develop interpersonal skills useful before and even within marriage. Uploaded By DaveQ Infatuation usually occurs at the beginning of relationship when sexual attraction is central.

Attraction usually take place in the form of infatuation or crush.

The suitor begins singing a romantic song, then the courted lady responds by singing too. The rooster is assigned to be the "negotiator", wherein the male chicken is left to stay in the home of the courted to crow every single morning for the admired lady's family.

At midnight, the suitor goes beneath the nipa huta house that is elevated by bamboo poles, then prickles the admired woman by using a pointed object to catch the attention of the sleeping lady, after they converse in whispers. Quran [] You shall encourage those of you who are single to get married. They may marry the righteous among your male and female servants, if they are poor.

GOD will enrich them from His grace. GOD is Bounteous, Knower. Qur'an [ 12] He has planted affection and mercy between you. Activity Choose an issue below and discuss it in a group if you are in favour or not. You are given 10 minutes to conceptualize before you share it in front of the class. Early Marriage 2. Live-in partners 3.

Same sex marriage 4. Explain your answer in front of the class. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before.

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I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, love you faithfully through good times and the bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

Be with your groupmates and discuss your answers to the following questions. Remember to share your answers with others after minutes.

What is your concept of marriage? Do you know of persons who are married? How long had they been married? Tell something about their relationship.

A member of couples today, are choosing to write their own marriage vows printed in their wedding invitation. Can you recall some? Share it with your classmates. In the space provided, write your own version of the marriage vows that highlight what is important to you. Now, reflect on this marriage vow. Do you like it? Its you turn to write your own marriage vows in your diary and explain why you chose the vows you have written.

Form a group and decide on which to portray: how courtship is done before or at present times. Your group will be given five minutes to prepare for a presentation. Rubric to be used on the activity: Scoring Criteria 5 Excellent 4 Good 3 Need Some improvement 2 Needs Much improvement 1 Fair Relates to audience Provides a fluent rendition of scenario Role-plays scenario with feelings and expressions Varies intonation Present characters appropriately Gives the scenario its full range Activity DEBATE Be with your groupmates and prepare for a debate by reflecting on and answering these questions: At what stage in ones life should one be allowed to go on dates?

Do you think a grade 8 student like you should already be allowed to go on dates? Justify your stand. Assess your performance using this rubrics. Opening statements clearly addressed the central issues of the debate. Overall impression on the presentation eye contact, use of voice 1 2 3 4 5 3.

Claims showed evidence of research. Rebuttal statements effectively addressed the statements of the opposing team. The presentation demonstrated organization and forethought. Final statements effectively summarized salient points and improved the teams position.

Participants adhered to rules and procedures. Use the following questions as a guide. How many children do you envision to have?

How do you see yourself as a parent? Below the diagram, explain why you choose your dream family. This couple might be your parents or guardians, grandparents, an aunt and uncle, or neighbors. In your activity notebook, copy and complete the chart by putting a check mark at appropriate column after each question. Remember the points that contribute to the success of their marriage. Do they respect each other? Do they have fun together?

Are they committed to the marriage? Do they both make compromises? Are they friend with each other? Do they love each other? Do they appear to be attracted to each other? Focus questions: a. What do you think makes this marriage successful? What can you learn from the marriage? SUMMARY Choosing a lifetime partner involves some processes: crushes or infatuation, dating, courtship, engagement are practiced and exercised. Dating leads to the development of intimacy between couples or within a group.

Dating steadily, dating in groups are all healthful ways of developing a healthy relationship. A couple or groups can date, going together to different places, such as the movies, parties, dances, fiestas, and other celebrations. Dating gives you a quality time to talk to people. Best of all, couple or group dating is fun. There are different traditional courtships in the Philippines like practices of singing romantic love songs, reciting poems, writing letters, and gift-giving.

The union of man and woman is given dignity by the sacrament of matrimony. Marriage is a promise, a covenant to keep the partnership for life not only for the sake of staying together but more for the growth and good of each other and for responsible rearing of children. Married couple should by all means protect the sanctity of their marriage and must be true to their vows. They should be strongly united and focused not only to each other but also practice responsible parenthood.

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LEARNING MODULE FOR HEALTH Grade 8 Lesson 1 Courtship, Dating, and Marriage .. Grade 7 Music Learner's Material v2 (Learning Module MAPEH). Start studying MAPEH 8 LESSON 2 FAMILY HEALTH (Dating, Courtship, Marriage, and Responsible Parenthood). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with.

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NOTE: Please download and install first the fonts listed at the end of the presentation. 2nd Quarter Grade 8 HEALTH Unit 2: Family Life. View Notes - Courtship, Dating and Marriage from ACCOUNTING at Arizona State University. Courtship, Dating and Marriage Infatuation or crush Is the state of being completely carried away by. Image of page 8. Pangasinan In . courtship, dating, marriage- authorSTREAM Presentation. 8. It comes from the arranging of a time and date of meeting.: 8. It comes from the.

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